• 62% of new patients search for dentists online before selecting a practice. Being found on the Internet will give you an advantage over other practices in your area who will appear outdated and archaic without a web presence.
  • You are able to offer information to your patients when it is convenient for them whether it be during the day or in the middle of the night. You practice is never closed.
  • Patients can become educated about your treatments and services and get answers to many of their questions which will help to minimise the number of phone calls you receive.
  • Your website can provide further support to existing patients by offering online appointment requests, updating their medical information and help with emergencies.
  • There is potential for your website to become a resource of information for the public. By supplying helpful tips and articles that are relevant to your area of expertise in dentistry, you will give visitors a reason to come back to your website and to your practice.
  • Patients have more confidence in seeking treatment from professionals that they know something about. Inform visitors to your website about the people in your practice, of your community involvement and why your practice is right for them.

As an information source for your patients

How often do you feel that you cannot explain procedures adequately to your patients?  Whether it be endodontics, third molar surgery, ceramic veneers or implants, all the procedures that you perform on a daily basis are often perplexing to your patients  and need further explanation.

By simply referring  to your practice website patients  can readily ascertain all the information they require to be able to choose treatments which are most suitable for themselves.


Attracting new patients

DentalPracticesOnline sites use the latest Search Engine Optimisation procedures which ensure that your website will appear near the front of any search for dentists in your area or relating to specific procedures that you offer in your practice. Patients will not only notice your site in the search but be attracted by the innovative, uncluttered and professional nature of your site.


Built for dentists by dentists

These sites have been designed by Dr David Penn BDS MBA with a team of world class designers in Australia, the US and UK. The mission statement is to provide dynamic, state of the art sites for practices around the world that reflect the style and culture of each practice. In addition, the ability to self manage the content, change designs and establish a quality web presence at a reasonable fee is paramount.

Please feel free to visit Dr Penn's practice site www.alignedsmiles.com.

A wide selection of professional designs for you to choose from
Easy to switch to another design with a few clicks of your mouse

Fully detailed text accurately
describes treatments and services

DPO provides a huge variety of quality intra-oral images
for your patient to browse

Your patient can access relevant information relating to their treatment

New patients data is accurately recorded for your staff to access.

Patient would be able to fill the Medical History form before they come to your practice.

Online map for your website

  • A state of the art website that reflects your practice and culture!
  • Show patients exactly what your practice offers
  • Utilise the world class gallery of "Before and After" images
  • Educate your patient on what to expect
  • Online appointment request forms
  • Online medical history uploaded into your practice
  • Google map for easy access to your practice