Website Tips


Generating Effective Text Content for Your Dental Website

Why is text content important to your practice website?

  • Visibility – Inclusion of important key words in the web page title main content will improve your website ranking in the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, etc.  It's called Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

  • Credibility – An informative dental practice website demonstrates your expertise to the viewers.   Most visitors to your website will not have a dental background.  Therefore the usage of layman language to explain dental terminology is extremely helpful for them.  Easy to understand content improves the chance of winning their trust.

  • Attraction - By providing sufficient information about certain dental conditions or products/services, you will be able to address the patient's concern right on the website and trigger their desire to contact you!

  • Uniqueness – Text content is viewed as the voice of your business.  Catchy titles, slogans are among the most effective way to create lasting impression. It is important to try not to sound too technical and generic on your website.  Don't be afraid to get on the personal side with your own success stories as dental professionals or stories of other patients who have had their life quality improved after treatment.

How to Add/Edit Text Content on Your Website?

Such task can be easily done via Manage Content in our Control Panel.