Stories of Success with the help of Dental Practices Online


Many dental practices have come to us with the aim of conducting successful online marketing campaigns.  While some are new to the online game, many are dissatisfied with their outdated websites thus seeking a better alternative.

Using our large library of templates, DPO has helped many of our clients established new websites with modern design layout, great optimization for search engines leading to high traffic. 

Once visited the website, perspective patients are able to find the information they need immediately regarding who our client is, what our client does and how to get intouch with the surgery.   Such information has been pre-created and presented in “Our Practice”, “Treatment” and “Contact Us” page of the website.

In addition to all the features and benefits that our templates offer, DPO also advised Penn Sharp Dental Surgeons to take further steps and become actively involved in other online activities such as listing on business directories.  As a consequence, the practice gained more visibility which tremendously improves search ranking of their websites.


Example no. 1 - Penn Sharp Dental Surgeons