Website Tips


Manage Your Practice Website Content

The core content of your practice website can be edited by using the Manage Content function.  You easily can add new pages or change the text content as well as imagery on all pages of your website(s) via this function.   Proper text content and images will improve the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. 

If you would like some tips on writing the text content as well as taking photos for your website, please click here

The Steps:

  1. Click on Page Content in Manage Website box or Manage Content in My Website dropdown menu

  2. All the pages of your website(s) will be displayed with the page titles and their URL.  You can select which page to: 
    - Edit main content and images ()
    - Edit the button title ()
    - Edit page title and keywords ()
    - Add a subpage
    - Move the page ()
    - View ()
    (Click here to learn more about the function of different icons)

Add New Page button will allow you to add an entire new page (not a subpage) on your website(s)

You are also able to choose the number of pages to display in this window by simply clicking on the dropdown menu of Display and on Apply to selected

If you would like to upload images to these pages, you can either do via the Edit () or via Site Images