What is domain name?

Domain name is the name or web address that identifies a web site.
For example:

How do I transfer a domain name to Dental Practices Online?

To transfer a domain to DPO, please do follow steps

  1. Unlock the domain from the current registrar (a company which you bought your domain name from)
  2. Confirm the domain transfer with the current registrar
  3. Inform DPO which domain name will be transferred

How do I re-delegate my domain name to Dental Practices Online?

Depend on which company is holding your domain name, the steps involved may vary. Mostly, it would be:

  1. Login to your Domain Name Account (which should have been provided to you by the domain registrar/provider when you purchased the domain name) using your domain name's username and password.
  2. Find the Nameservers section and select changing Nameservers.
  3. Delete the current nameserver such as NS1.MYHOST.COM, NS2.MYHOST.COM and replace with the followings:
  4. Click "Submit" or "Save" to apply the changes.
  5. Inform Dental Practices Online once you have delegated your domain name.

Please note that the steps above are only applicable if you do not have email hosting service associated with your domain name. If you are utilizing an email hosting service with the domain, please contact us at for furtther instruction.

Why is a domain name so important for my website?

The Domain Name (or URL) is the address of your Website on the WorldWideWeb - (or This is where your patients will find your website with information about you. This web presence will give you an advantage over competitors who don't have a website.

If I have more than one domain name, can they all be diverted to the same website?

Yes, that can be done. For example, if you have 3 domain name (A, B, C) and would like to redirect to A only then whenever people go to B or C they will be forward to A.

But there will be free of charge or a small fee for each domain name redirecting depends on which company provides your domain name.