What services does Dental Practices Online provide?

Dental Practices Online (DPO) provides state of the art websites for dental practices all over the world. No contracts no set up fee and with hundreds of designs to choose from, the DPO sites allow dentists to have an up to date, fully customisable, high quality web presence for a minimal monthly outlay. We also offer a 30 day free trial.

Websites are available for general dentists and for those who are Invisalign or AAA/Invisalign accredited

Each site includes features to attract new patients and to inform incumbent patients by:

  • Presenting an image which is totally reflective of your practice image and culture
  • Providing state of the art information about the procedures and products that you offer
  • Marketing customised offers to your patients in a professional and ethical manner
  • Enabling  a simple interaction with your front desk staff with on-line appointments

Outdated websites can be replaced or revamped at the same low monthly fee and the content and designs are absolutely superb.

These sites have been designed by Dr David Penn, BDS MBA with a team of world class designers in Australia, the US and UK. The mission statement is to provide dynamic, state of the art sites for practices around the world that reflect the style and culture of each practice. In addition, the ability to self-manage the content, change designs and establish a quality web presence at a reasonable fee is paramount.

How do I register an account with Dental Practices Online?

Select Getting Started from the main website

  1. Complete your name and qualifications and your practice details
  2. Choose a Design Layout, Colours and Font type.
  3. Choose a flash animation for your home page that suits your practice.
  4. Choose the text for your home page
  5. Select which Treatments and Services you provide
  6. Finally you will be given a temporary web address and link for further customisation

PLEASE NOTE – You need to submit your credit card details in order to secure the free 30 Day trial period.  If you wish to cancel your trial period you may do so at any stage by logging into your Member Control Panel and selecting My Account from the drop down menu on the left of the screen, then select ‘Service Cancellation’.  This process will be free of any charges.

Do I need credit card for my trial account?

Yes, you do

You will need to submit your credit card details in order to register your Free Trial Account. You will not be charged during your trial period.

If you wish to cancel your trial period you may do so at any stage by logging into your Member Control.

How do I go live with my Dental Practice Website?

If you are happy with your trial site and would like to go live with your registered domain name, please send our support a message by logging into your Member Control Panel and go to Support > Send Message. Fill in the form with your request and select Reason: "I would like my website to Go Live ASAP".